Ways to Makeover Your Attic Bedroom

Here are some quick tips to help you transform your attic bedroom into a master bedroom, with some things you might not have considered before.

Why You Should Create a Master Bedroom in Your Attic

Master bedrooms are very expensive to build from scratch, so you should consider turning them into a master bedroom if you have an attic. They are not only cheaper to build, but they often have better views.

If you have a two-story house and your attic is on the upper level, your first level will likely be dramatically smaller than the second. It makes perfect sense that many people choose to make the second story their primary living quarters while using the first floor for storage or office space.

How to Get a Master Bedroom Look on a Budget

Getting a master bedroom that looks like it’s from the pages of Architectural Digest on a budget can be done with some creativity and a little bit of know-how.

The first thing you need to do is set the mood. This could mean using lighting, art, or even scent to make your room feel more luxurious. The next step is choosing furniture and bedding that fits with your decor style. You also want to make sure you have plenty of storage, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your clothes or other essentials.

The last thing on our list is making sure you get the right color scheme for your d├ęcor. A neutral palette in shades like black and white are perfect for a masculine themed bedroom, while pastel pink can create an airy feminine

Pros and Cons of Turning Your Attic into a Master Bedroom

This section discusses the benefits of turning your attic into a master bedroom and the downsides.


-The space in your attic will increase significantly with this project.

-You can get more natural light into your space.


-You can’t install an air conditioner in this room without cutting a hole in the roof for ventilation purposes.

-The flooring will be challenging to install because of how high up you are, but you’ll most likely have to install a lift or stairs, which could cost you a pretty penny.

Ideas for Makingover Your Attic Into A Master Bedroom 

We can turn old attics into the perfect bedroom with a few tweaks and improvements.

– Bring in more light by opening up windows and adding skylights.

– Create a reading nook for an escape from the rest of the room.

– Add some color to your attic with throw pillows, art, or even paint on the walls.

– Decorate your attic for different seasons by adding some decorations to suit your desired mood.

– Add ceiling fans and heaters if your attic is cool or cold during certain times of the year.

– Use a section of your attic as temporary storage space to make it feel like less of a bedroom and more like a home office or guest bedroom, depending on what you need it for.

– Create some privacy by installing

The Benefits of Creating a Master Bedroom in Your Attic 

With the increasing number of singles and couples without children, there is a growing need for more living space in homes. A master bedroom in the attic is one way to maximize your home’s square footage.

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